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List of Lookalike Items: Redundancy.
|effect=A food item that deals 10 damage and restores 5 [[Belly]]. Look-alike for Oran Berry. Look-alike for Oran Berry.
|descmds=A food item that deals damage. It also somewhat fills the Pokémon's [[Belly]]. It is a Lookalike Item for the [[Oran Berry]], so be careful!
|locmds=[[Drenched Bluff]], [[Mt. Bristle]], [[Waterfall Cave]], [[Apple Woods]], [[Steam Cave]], [[Upper Steam Cave]], [[Amp Plains]], [[Far Amp Plains]], [[Crystal Cave]], [[Crystal Crossing]], [[Chasm Cave]], [[Dark Hill]], [[Brine Cave]], [[Lower Brine Cave]], [[Hidden Land]], [[Hidden Highland]], [[Temporal Tower]], [[Temporal Spire]], [[Mystifying Forest]], [[Sky Peak Station Passes|Sky Peak]], [[Blizzard Island]], [[Crevice Cave]], [[Lower Crevice Cave]], [[Surrounded Sea]], [[Miracle Sea]], [[Deep Miracle Sea]], [[Concealed Ruins]], [[Mt. Travail]], [[The Nightmare]], [[Spacial Rift]], [[Deep Spacial Rift]], [[Dark Crater]], [[Deep Dark Crater]], [[Marine Resort]], [[Lake Afar]], [[Happy Outlook]], [[Mt. Mistral]], [[Shimmer Hill]], [[Lost Wilderness]], [[Midnight Forest]], [[Bottomless Sea]], [[Mt. Avalanche]], [[Sky Stairway]], [[Mystery Jungle]], [[Oblivion Forest]], [[Treacherous Waters]], [[Southeastern Islands]], [[Inferno Cave]], [[Zero Isle North]], [[Zero Isle East]], [[Zero Isle West]], [[Zero Isle South]], [[Zero Isle Center]], [[Destiny Tower]]