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Locations and uses of the Vs. Seeker
==Locations and uses of the Vs. Seeker==
[[ImageFile:Vsseeker_obtainVs Seeker obtain.png|thumb|250px|right|Explaining the use of the Vs. Seeker]]
===All games===
When used, the Vs. Seeker sends out a signal that allows [[Pokémon Trainer]]s to find other Trainers who want a rematch. This signal affects all Trainers that are within the player's view. Once used, the device cannot be used again until it is charged. The player does this by walking a total of 100 steps. The effect on the Trainers wears off either when they have been battled, when the player leaves the [[route]], or when the player walks 100 steps within the route. If the player attempts to use the Vs. Seeker when it is not fully charged, the player will be told how many steps remain for it to function. It should be noted that after using the Vs. Seeker, some Trainers may have higher-leveled Pokémon than the last battle, and their Pokémon may even have evolved. The Vs. Seeker is also unable to be used in buildings or caves, even where previously battled Trainers are present.