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Super Potion (Base Set 90)

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caption={{TCG|Base Set}} print<br>Illus. [[Keiji Kinebuchi]] |
reprints=2 |
reprint1=SuperPotionCollectionY54SuperPotionXY128.jpg |
recaption1={{TCG|Collection YXY}} print<br>Illus. [[5ban Graphics]] |
class=Trainer |
subclass=Item |
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Item|jpdeck={{TCG|Kuchiba City Gym}}}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Item|gbset={{GB|1|Evolution}}|gbid=B49|gb2set={{GB|2|Beginning Pokémon}}|gb2id=A51}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Item|expansion={{TCG|XY}}|rarity={{rar|Uncommon}}|cardno=128/146|jpexpansion={{TCG|Collection Y}}|jprarity={{rar|U}}|jpcardno=054/060}}
rule=Item |
print=Collection Y print |
effect=Heal 60 damage from 1 of your Pokémon. ThenIf you do, discard 1an Energy attached to that Pokémon. |
This card was released as a Trainer card with artwork by [[Keiji Kinebuchi]] in the {{TCG|Base Set}} expansion, first originating from the Japanese {{TCG|Expansion Pack}}. It was later reprinted in the English {{TCG|Base Set 2}}, as well as the Japanese {{TCG|Kuchiba City Gym}} Deck.
Super Potion was later released as an {{TCG|Item card}} with an updated effect and new artwork by [[5ban Graphics]] in the the English {{TCG|XY}} expansion, first originating from the Japanese {{TCG|Collection Y}}.
set1=Base Set |
illus1=Keiji Kinebuchi |
image2=SuperPotionCollectionY54SuperPotionXY128.jpg |
set2=Collection YXY |
illus2=5ban Graphics |
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