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Dub edits
* Misty's asking about Team Rocket's great plan was omitted from the dub. Also, the dub implies that their Pinsir mecha was received in an ad catalog when no such hint was made in the Japanese version.
* Also, Team Rocket's plot was different between the Japanese and English versions:
** Original: Jessie mentions that the sap tastes like pancake syrup, then she talks about wanting to start a pancake house similar to the ones in the US. She then mentions flipping the pancake on a hot plate, and sprinkling it with {{wp|katsuobushi}} afterwards. James corrects her and states that what she is stating is okonoomiyaki{{wp|okonomiyaki}}, and Meowth tells James to ignore her.
** Dub: Jessie states that she'll open her own exclusive pancake shop that utilizes tree sap instead of maple syrup. She then reveals that she'll use Limburgh cheese and Cajun curry powder to season the pancakes, and then states that she'll name it the "International House of Jessie". James and Meowth then mention that this would be a recipe for a million dollar disaster.