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[[File:Mirage System.png|220px|thumb|left|The expanded Mirage System]]
The Mirage System is capable of creating virtually any Pokémon included in its database. These Pokémon are formidable battlers, able to withstand and evade damage, but can be destroyed if struck with enough force. They can use any move, even ones they would naturally be unable to learn. This is comparable to a Pokémon in the [[maincore series]] games which is [[cheating|hacked]], such as a {{p|Mewtwo}} with {{m|Quick Attack}}, a {{p|Beautifly}} with {{m|Aeroblast}}, or a {{p|Walrein}} with {{m|Meteor Mash}}. Pokémon that were created during the events of ''The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon'' include {{p|Kabutops}}, {{p|Omastar}}, {{p|Armaldo}}, {{p|Aggron}}, two {{p|Aerodactyl}}, {{p|Machoke}}, {{p|Machamp}}, {{p|Ursaring}}, {{p|Houndoom}}, {{p|Mightyena}}, {{p|Absol}}, {{p|Magnemite}}, {{p|Articuno}}, {{p|Zapdos}}, {{p|Entei}}, Mewtwo, and {{p|Mew}}.
Although the main area that the Mirage Pokémon can travel is held inside Dr. Yung's laboratory, it can be expanded through the use of holographic generators that are launched from the laboratory like missiles. This expanded Mirage System allows the Mirage Pokémon to travel outside the laboratory and battle in different environments. The extent of this expanded area is unlimited.