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title_en=Finding Truth |
title_ja=N/AVSトルネロス・ボルトロス・ランドロスII |
title_ro=N/AVS Tornelos, Voltolos, Landlos II |
number=497 |
'''Finding Truth''' is(Japanese: the'''VSトルネロス・ボルトロス・ランドロスII''' thirty-seventh''VS round in the{{tt|Tornelos|Tornadus}}, {{chaptt|Black &Voltolos|Thundurus}}, White{{tt|Landlos|Landorus}} II'' or '''復活''' ''Resurrection'') is the 497th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
* [[Ghetsis]] takes the Dark Stone to [[N]], who then uses it to revive {{p|Zekrom}}.
* [[Lenora]] is revealed to have had the Light Stone the entire time.
* {{p|Reshiram}} chooses Black as its "hero".
* Brycen takes the unconscious Black and the Light Stone with the intent to train him.
* [[Drayden]]
* {{p|Emboar}} ([[Bo|Nite]]; {{adv|Black}}'s)
* {{p|Munna}} ([[Musha]]; {{adv|Black}}'s)
* {{p|Basculin}} ([[Shadow Triad]]'s)
* {{p|Lilligant}} ([[Shadow Triad]]'s)
* {{p|Thundurus}} ([[Shadow Triad]]'s)
* {{p|Tornadus}} ([[Shadow Triad]]'s)
* {{p|Landorus}} ([[Shadow Triad]]'s)
* {{p|Eelektross}} ([[Ghetsis]]'s)
* {{p|Zekrom}}
* {{p|Reshiram}}
* {{p|Cubchoo}} (on book; flashback)
* When this round was collected into volume 48, [[Ghetsis]]'s right arm was shaded dark, as it appears in the opening of {{game|Black and White|s}}.
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