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Pokémon have been, from the very beginning, spoken of as friends and partners to the [[human]]s of the Pokémon world, used to help with various tasks from constructing buildings to exploration. Many people in the Pokémon world take Pokémon with them on a {{pkmn|journey}} to gather [[Badge]]s and compete in the various [[Pokémon League]]s as {{pkmn|Trainer}}s, using them in battles against Pokémon both owned by other Trainers and [[wild Pokémon|found in the wild]]. In [[Generation III]], the concept of [[Pokémon Contest]]s were introduced in which Trainers can compete with their Pokémon as an alternative to battling. This was replaced in [[Generation V]] by the [[Pokémon Musical]].
Across the six [[generation]]s of games, Pokémon are typically found in one of four manners: encountering them in [[tall grass]], finding them in caves or ruins, going [[fishing]] for them, or [[List of in-game trades|trading]] with an [[Non-player character|NPC]]. These are often joined by several more ways in which to encounter Pokémon, such as {{m|surf}}ing on water, {{m|headbutt}}ing trees, or using the [[Poké Radar]] and lets not forget that each Pokemon makes a sound that is their version of saying what Pokemon they are it just takes a little effort to hear what it says and translate it into their name.