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* This episode features a brief appearance of characters from the [[Pokémon Pocket Monsters]] manga series, which is the only time characters from a manga series have appeared in the anime.
* The title of this episode is similar to an earlier [[EP069|episode]] and both episodes focus on movies.
* The movie Ash remembers features a {{p|Teddiursa}} and an {{p|Ursaring}}, both of which were not listed in the Pokedex before Ash left on his journey. This scene is particularly interesting as it also shows {{an|Professor Oak}} in the audience.
* The movie May described, about a luxurious spaceship with a Natu and Xatu in love who are separated because of an ice asteroid, is a parody of the movie ''{{wp|Titanic (1997 film)|Titanic}}'' while the ship as displayed in the film is similar in design to the titular spaceship from ''{{wp|Space Battleship Yamato}}''.
* The movie Max described, about a giant {{p|Meowth}} destroying a city and battling against {{p|Pichu}} fighter pilots and a giant {{p|Marshtomp}} is based upon the Japanese television show {{wp|Ultraman}}.
* The movie they watched at the end, about a Princess {{p|Kirlia}} being taken by an {{p|Exploud}} and being rescued by {{p|Plusle}} and {{p|Minun}}, is similar to the story of {{smw|Super Mario Bros.}}, which could be a reason why the movie is silent.
* In Ash's flashback, {{Gary}}, [[Delia Ketchum|Ash's mother]], and {{an|Professor Oak}} are visible in the audience. This marks Gary's first appearance in the Hoenn saga.
* The [[Pichu Brothers]] make a cameo appearance in a flashback showing a scene from ''[[PK11|Camp Pikachu]]''.
* Brock once again performs [[Takeshi's Paradise|his song]] and dance when asked to delay a crowd, like an [[EP243|earlier]] episode.