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Pokémon Adventures volume 42

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* [[PS460|Round 460 - All About Arceus IX]] {{tt|*|VIZ Media release only}}
The [[VIZ Media]] release of this volume also includes the first four rounds from {{PAV|43}}. This is because [[PS460]] is the final round of the {{chap|HeartGold & SoulSilver}} and VIZ Media was already publishing the {{chap|Black & White}} as a separately numbered series. A similar split was done with {{PAV|14}} and {{PAV|15}}, where the last round of the {{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}} were moved from the beginning of Volume 15 to the end of Volume 14.
Pokémon is not the first series to have manga story arcs redistributed this way in VIZ Media's history. For example, two chapters were moved out of Volume 17 of {{wp|Dragon Ball}} in order to localize it as the first volume of Dragon Ball Z.
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