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* Before battle
:''"I think it's OK to keep losing to the same Trainer. Battling that person tells me how much my Pokémon and I have changed. That's why I would like to challenge you for a rematch now, <{{Player}}>."'' <br>
:''"Yes, what is it, {{Player}}? Would you maybe like a battle?"'' (If ''No'' was the first answer)<br>
: Yes: ''"OK! Rei! Oh, that's my bow before a match. <{{Player}}>, I'm throwing everything I have at you!"'' <br>
: No: ''"Sigh... I braced myself for a battle. This is a little deflating..."''
* After being defeated
:''"I love visiting here. Buck's grandpa cooks for us, and it's all delicious. That's not all! We can eat all we want. Isn't that amazing, <{{Player}}>?"''
'''[[Battleground]]''' (alternate)
* Before battle
:''"Being together with Pokémon gave me the strength to keep going. Please, <{{Player}}>, accept my challenge!"'' <br>
:''"<{{Player}}>! I know I'm being a pest, but please, accept our challenge!" (If ''No'' is the first answer)<br>
: Yes: ''"OK, here we come, <{{Player}}>!"'' <br>
: No: ''"OK! Got it! We'll train much harder so we can battle with you, <{{Player}}>!"''
* During battle
* After being defeated
:''"Hello, <{{Player}}>! I've heard that it's more healthy to go barefoot. Come to think of it, the Pokémon are all barefooted."''
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