Difference between revisions of "Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice (manga)"

* During the battle between Keldeo and Kyurem, one of Keldeo's hooves is frozen, and Ash tries to make Kyurem stop by having Pikachu attack it, which Keldeo interrupts with a weak {{m|Focus Blast}}, telling him to stay away from the fight. This part of the battle was left out of the manga version.
* In the movie, after the battle has ended, [[Full Court]] starts collapsing for all the damage it took during the battle, only to be stopped by White Kyurem freezing it solid. The collapse didn't occur in the manga.
* Keldeo doesn't revert to its Ordinary Formeform between the battle with Kyurem and the reciting of the oath in the manga, unlike in the movie.
* The movie ends with Ash and his friends witnessing the Sword of Justice reciting their oath with Keldeo. In the manga, this scene is mostly skipped, and instead, the manga version ends with Ash and his friends flying away with the blimp seen earlier in the movie and wishing Keldeo goodbye, the scene that was seen during the movie's end credits.