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==Differences between the anime and the manga==
* In the movie, it begins with {{mov|Keldeo|Keldeo|15}} training with the {{mov|Swords of Justice|Swords of Justice|15}} and eventually disobeying them to battle {{mov|Kyurem|Kyurem|15}}, followed by the Swords of Justice appearing and getting {{status|freeze|frozen|status ailment|frozen}}, after which Keldeo runs away. In the manga, however, the battle is already underway when the manga begins, and the events preceding it are revealed when Keldeo explains what happened to him to {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}.
* Also, Keldeo's training battles are acknowledged by a single compilation frame, while in the movie it forms a notable part of the movie's beginning. Due to this, also the time when Keldeo first tries and fails to use {{m|Secret Sword|its sword}}, is before the training battles, instead of during Keldeo's battle with Virizion, like in the movie.
* In the movie, Kyurem froze the Swords of Justice when they were trying to stop Kyurem from hurting Keldeo. In the manga, the scene is slightly changed, having the Swords of Justice actually stepping in the middle of the battle scene to protect Keldeo, and getting frozen in the middle of the battlefield because dodging Kyurem's attack would've led to Keldeo's freezing.
* The part of [[Ash's Scraggy]] almost missing the train is cut out of the manga.
** In fact, almost all of the appearances of Ash and his friends' Pokémon other than {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{TP|Iris|Axew}} are left out of the manga version.
* When Ash and his friends find Keldeo, it kicks Ash in scare, causing Ash to bump into Iris almost causing her to fall off the train. In the manga, Keldeo only tries to's kick Ash,only butcauses Ash dodgesto justfall in timeover, only leaving him questioning of why did Keldeo do that.
* When Kyurem lands on the train in the movie, its presence causes the roof of the train to freeze. It then attacks Ash, his friends, and Keldeo, who duck into an empty cart dodge. When Kyurem prepares for another attack, it suddenly notices a tunnel up ahead, and is forced to jump off the train. In the manga, Kyurem's presence doesn't cause the train's roof to freeze, and neither it leaves the train on its free will; instead, before it can attack again, Ash has {{AP|Pikachu}} use {{m|Thunderbolt}} on it, making Kyurem leap into the air in order to dodge, after which the tunnel appears, and it knocks the airborne Kyurem down and into a water nearby.
* In the movie, Ash and his friends start eating their box lunches before leaving to help Keldeo save the Swords of Justice, and Ash is shown telling Keldeo to dig in as well. Afterwards, they are attacked by Kyurem and a group of {{p|Cryogonal}}. In the manga, the feeding scene is cut shorter, and Kyurem and the Cryogonal attack Ash and his friends while they are still eating, instead of after it.
* During the battle between Keldeo and Kyurem, one of Keldeo's hooves is frozen, and Ash tries to make Kyurem stop by having Pikachu attack it, which Keldeo interrupts with a weak {{m|Focus Blast}}, telling him to stay away from the fight. This part of the battle was left out of the manga version.
* In the movie, after the battle has ended [[Full Court]] starts collapsing for all the damage it took during the battle, only to be stopped by White Kyurem freezing it solid. The collapse didn't occur in the manga.
* Keldeo doesn't revert to its Ordinary Forme between the battle with Kyurem and the reciting of the oath in the manga, unlike in the movie.
* The movie ends with Ash and his friends witnessing the Sword of Justice reciting their oath with Keldeo. In the manga, this scene is mostly skipped, and instead, the manga version ends with Ash and his friends flying away with the blimp seen earlier in the movie, and wishing Keldeo goodbye, the scene that was seen during the movie's end credits.
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