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Drake (Orange League)

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Ditto's only move is {{m|Transform}}.<br/>
Ditto has also used {{m|Thunder}}{{tt|*|Ash's Pikachu's}}, {{m|Thunder Shock}}{{tt|*|Ash's Pikachu's}}, {{m|Agility}}{{tt|*|Ash's Pikachu's}}, and {{m|Quick Attack}}{{tt|*|Ash's Pikachu's}} via Transform.}}
|desc=Drake's third Pokémon against Ash was {{p|Gengar}}. Ash initially sent out {{AP|Tauros}}, but after a failed attempt at {{m|Fissure}} which allowed Gengar to counter with Confuse Ray, Ash then switched for {{AP|Lapras}}. Lapras avoided a Hypnosis attack by diving underwater where upon surfacing both Lapras and Gengar launched their respective {{m|Ice Beam}} and {{m|Night Shade}} attacks simultaneously which resulted in a massive explosion knocking out both Pokémon.
Gengar's known moves are {{m|Confuse Ray}}, {{m|Hypnosis}}, and {{m|Night Shade}}.}}
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|vaen=Eric Stuart
|desc=Drake's fourth Pokémon faced off against Ash's Tauros. Tauros's Fissure didn't work due to the sand field's cushioning effect. ButHowever, after surviving Venusaur's SolarBeamSolar Beam, Tauros was able to defeat {{p|Venusaur}} with a {{m|Take Down}} attack.
Venusaur's known moves are {{m|SolarBeamSolar Beam}}, and {{m|Vine Whip}}.}}
|vajp=Kōichi Sakaguchi
|vaen=Maddie Blaustein{{!}}Addie Blaustein
|desc={{p|Electabuzz}} was Drake's fifth Pokémon. Initially defeating {{AP|Bulbasaur}} with ease, {{AP|Charizard}} was able to withstand a ThunderPunchThunder Punch and a Thunder before defeating Electabuzz with {{m|Seismic Toss}}.
Electabuzz's known moves are {{m|Thunder Shock}}, {{m|Thunderbolt}}, {{m|Thunder Punch}}, and {{m|Thunder}}.}}
==In the manga==