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Latias and Latios (J Promo 2)

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*This card has a reverse foil treatment reminiscent of the later released 'mirror' parallel foil cards between ''{{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver Collection}}'' and ''{{TCG|Clash at the Summit}}''.
This card is based on the {{OBP|Latios|M05}} and {{OBP|Latias|M05}} that appeared in ''[[M05|Pokémon Heroes]]''. The Pokémon in circles in the illustration that are mentioned in the attack text and additional text are the {{OBP|Celebi|M04}}, {{OBP|Entei|M03}}, {{OBP|Lugia|M02}}, and {{anOBP|Mewtwo|original series}} that starred in the previous four movies. Images of these Pokémon are hidden in certain scenes in the movie.
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