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Yveltal (Pokémon)

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* Yveltal has the same stat distribution as {{p|Xerneas}}.
* Yveltal, along with Xerneas, was designed by art designers [[Ken Sugimori]] and [[Yusuke Ohmura]]. Initial design for the two legendary Pokémon was started by Sugimori, but he encountered '[[wp:Writer's block|artist's block]]', having a hard time coming up with concepts. For the first time, he gave the work over to another designer, Ohmura. Ohmura furthered the designs, after which Sugimori resumed to finish them.<ref>[ Ken Sugimori got 'artist's block' during Pokemon X and Y development]. Official Nintendo Magazine. Published 24 October 2013.</ref>
* Yveltal is the only non-Ghost user (excluding {{p|Smeargle}}) of {{m|Phantom Force}}.