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Bulbagarden has, in recent years, made major pushes into the "Web 2.0" philosophy, starting with Bulbapedia and continuing with the Oekaki and the Bulbawiki networks.
The current Bulbagarden website is the successor site to [], a first-generation Pokémon fansite that existed around 1999-2000, competing back then with such sites as [[The PokéMasters]] (TPM), [[Azure Heights]], and the original [[Universal Pokémon Network|UPN]].
Together with [[Universal Pokémon Network]], [[The PokéMasters]] and [[Pokémon Abode]], Bulbagarden formed a partnership known as the Anti-Spammer Alliance from 1999-2000. After the dissolution of these websites' original communities, the group became retroactively known as the Big Four, as they were generally considered to be the largest, most active, and best ran Pokémon forums of their day.
===Death and revival: 2001-2002===