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Pseudorandom number generation in Pokémon

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RNG abuse
In [[Generation III]] and Generation IV, there are some limitations. As a player's [[Trainer ID|Trainer ID and Secret ID]] numbers determine a Pokémon's shininess, Shiny Pokémon generated through certain methods can only have certain individual values. Due to [[Wonder Card]] gifts using a timer register to create personality values, it is not possible to manipulate a gift's Nature. In Generation V, this is no longer the case as the individual values and personality values are determined from two different RNGs.
In the Pokémon fandom, RNG abuse is slightly controversial. Proponents note that RNG abuse does not require a third-party device and that the Pokémon obtained through RNG abuse can be obtained through normal gameplay. In addition, Pokémon obtained through RNG abuse have been used at the {{DL|Play! Pokémon|Video Game Championships}}, an official tournament. They also say that RNG abuse is insanely complicated, and not as simple as typing a cheat code. However, some players believe that RNG abuse is cheating, as the action of picking a Pokémon's characteristics is similar to using a [[cheating]] device.
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