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Major events
==Major events==
* {{Ash}} arrivesand {{ashfr}} arrive in [[Olivine City]], butand the local [[Gym Leader]],meet [[Jasmine]], refusesthe his request for a{{gy|Olivine}} [[Gym battle as she needs to care for a [[Sparkle|sickLeader]] {{p|Ampharos}}.
* The gangAsh decidestries to headchallenge forJasmine to a [[Cianwood CityGym]] to{{pkmn|battle}}, pickbut upshe medicine for Ampharosrefuses, andas Ashshe learnsneeds thatto therecare isfor a Gym[[Amphy|sick]] there{{p|Ampharos}}.
* The group decides to head for [[Cianwood City]] to pick up medicine for Ampharos, and Ash learns that there is [[Cianwood Gym|a Gym]] there.