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Treasure Sea (Friend Area)

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jtrans=Sleeping Treasure Sea}}
'''Treasure Sea''' (Japanese: '''たからねむるうみ''' ''Sleeping Treasure Sea'') is a [[Friend Area]]. It has a capacity of only ten Pokémon, all of which thecan basicbe formsrecruited areor recruitableevolved atfrom Pokémon recruited in [[Silver Trench]]. It is available for 4,500 Poké from {{p|Wigglytuff}} in [[Pokémon Square]].
{{FApkmn|117|Seadra|Evolve {{p|Horsea}}<br>[[Stormy Sea]] B30F-B39F<br>[[Silver Trench]] B30F-B39F<br>[[Grand Sea]] B27F-B30F<br>[[Fantasy Strait]] B30F}}
{{FApkmn|223|Remoraid|[[Silver Trench]] B50F-B59F<br>[[Marvelous Sea]] B10F-B19F<br>[[Fantasy Strait]] B10F-B19F}}
{{FApkmn|224|Octillery|Evolve {{p|Remoraid}}<br>[[Silver Trench]] B60F-B69F<br>[[Far-Offoff Sea]] B55F-B64F<br>[[Makuhita Dojo#Team Constrictor|Team Constrictor]] B3F}}
{{FApkmn|230|Kingdra|Evolve {{p|Seadra}}}}
{{FApkmn|318|Carvanha|[[Stormy Sea]] B35F-B39F<br>[[Silver Trench]] B30F-B39F<br>[[Far-Offoff Sea]] B30F-B39F<br>[[Fantasy Strait]] B30F}}
{{FApkmn|319|Sharpedo|Evolve {{p|Carvanha}}}}
{{FApkmn|347|Anorith|[[Stormy Sea]] B9F-B17F<br>[[Silver Trench]] B14F-B23F<br>[[Grand Sea]] B14F-B23F<br>[[Far-Offoff Sea]] B14F-B23F<br>[[Marvelous Sea]] B14F-B20F<br>[[Fantasy Strait]] B14F-B23F}}
{{FApkmn|348|Armaldo|Evolve {{p|Anorith}}}}
{{FApkmn/f|370|Luvdisc|[[Silver Trench]] B45F-B54F<br>[[Far-Offoff Sea]] B45F-B54F}}
* It is possible to have every single Pokémon from this Friend Area and have them all been recruited in [[Silver Trench]].
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