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In the anime: If Seals didn't exist at the time, it's literally impossible for what Ritchie was using to have been Seals. You can't just reinterpret the old as if it had been made with the new in mind.
==In the anime==
The very first episode that featured the use of Seals in the anime was ''[[EP078DP011|AMounting Frienda InCoordinator DeedAssault!]]'' by [[Ritchie]], although these were just non-functioning Star Stickers that he applied directly on his [[Poké Ball]]s to distinguish them from the rest of the ones stolen by {{TRT}}, since the concept and use of Seals and [[Ball Capsule]]s did not exist (outside of [[Sinnoh]]) at the time. Seals are commonly used in [[Pokémon Contest]]s. These make the entrance of the Pokémon more attractive and may sometimes affect the score given to them. A few Seals are supplied when a [[Pokémon Coordinator]] receives a Seal Case, but the majority is bought at shops and markets.