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List of Pokémon by Kalos Pokédex number

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* At a combined total of 454, the Kalos Pokédex has largest amount of Pokémon.
** Separately, the Central Kalos Pokédex has the least at 150.
* The Coastal, Central, and Mountain Pokédexes each have a different icon. The Coastal Pokédex is represented by a blue stripe on the left side of a pentagon, the Central Pokédex is represented by a white stripe down the middle of a pentagon, and the Mountain Pokédex is represented by a red strip on the right side of a pentagon. The symbol for the National Pokédex is a combination of the three: a pentagon with a vertical blue, white, and red stripe. This is meant to resemble the flag of {{wp|Flag of France|France}}, the region that Kalos is based off of.
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