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Meanwhile, Team Rocket are still in the ruins. They find a hidden room between two sliding walls that houses a mere {{p|Hoothoot}}. Jessie throws a rock, angering Hoothoot and prompting it to attack Team Rocket's bottoms as they flee. They unknowingly activate a spring tile that sends them flying out of the ruins.
As the sun sets, Brandon tellsreminds Ash that his own carelessness and arrogance attracted the King and rendered him vulnerable. Ash admits that he may be a foolish kid at times, but he still wants the chance to battle Brandon fair and square. Unfortunately, Brandon declinessaying no thanks the challenge as he has some more ruins to visit, but he tells Ash he will get in touch when the time is right. He advises Ash to train hard in the meantime. Brandon and Samuel enter the Battle Pyramid, and Scott advises the group to stand back. The Pyramid's corners slide outward and dust begins to be kicked up. The massive structure lifts into the sky on rotors that keep it aloft, allowing Brandon to move to the his next ruins site. May notices a golden bird in the sky, and the whole group witnesses the real Ho-Oh flying in the distance. Ash remember how he saw it [[EP001|when he first started out]] on his journey. He uses this to inspire himself to train for the official battle. But for now, the [[Grand Festival]] is on the horizon, and May cannot wait to put herself to the ultimate test.
==Major events==