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Normal-type moves: Added Celebrate and Happy Hour.
{{movelist/battle|3|Camouflage|Status|Smart|—|—|20|self|The user's type is changed depending on its environment, such as at water's edge, in grass, or in a cave.}}
{{movelist/battle|4|Captivate|Status|Beauty|—|100|20|anyadjacent|If it is the opposite gender of the user, the target is charmed into harshly lowering its Sp. Atk stat.}}
{{movelist/battle|6|Celebrate|Status||—|—|40|self|The Pokémon congratulates you on your special day!}}
{{movelist/battle|6|Confide|Status|???|—|—|20|anyadjacent|The user tells the target a secret, and the target loses its ability to concentrate. This lowers the target's Sp. Atk. stat.}}
{{movelist/battle|1|Conversion|Status|Beauty|—|—|30|self|The user changes its type to become the same type as one of its moves.}}
{{movelist/battle|1|Growl|Status|Cute|—|100|40|adjacentfoes|The user growls in an endearing way, making the opposing team less wary. The foes' Attack stats are lowered.}}
{{movelist/battle|1|Growth|Status|Beauty|—|—|40|self|The user's body grows all at once, raising the Atk and Sp. Atk stats.}}
{{movelist/battle|6|Happy Hour|Status||—|—|30|team|Using Happy Hour doubles the amount of prize money received after battle.}}
{{movelist/battle|1|Harden|Status|Tough|—|—|30|self|The user stiffens all the muscles in its body to raise its Defense stat.}}
{{movelist/battle|2|Heal Bell|Status|Beauty|—|—|5|team|The user makes a soothing bell chime to heal the status problems of all the party Pokémon.}}