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==In the TCG==
[[File:PalPadXYPromo6.jpg|200px|thumb|Right|Pal Pad]]
{{main|Pal Pad (XY-P Promo 6)}}
The '''Pal Pad''' was first introduced in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] during the Japanese XY Era. Released as one of the {{TCG|XY-P Promotional cards}}, the Pal Pad {{TCG|Item card}} features the debut artwork by new illustrator, [[PLANETA]]. This {{TCG|Trainer card}} allows a player the ability to recover two {{TCG|Supporter card}}s from the discard pile, and shuffle them back into his or her deck.
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{{cardlist/entry|cardname={{TCG ID|XY-P Promo|Pal Pad|6}}|type=Item|jpset=XY-P Promotional cards|jpnum=006/XY-P}}
==In other languages==