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===Old man's house===
In the house two spots north of the boutique, an old man can be found depressed because of the death of his wife. He will ask the player to lend him any Pokémon level 5 or under to keep him company for the time being. After defeating the Elite Four, the player can return to the house only to find that the old man has passed away and left behind a Poké Ball containing the Pokémon lent to him, a letter thanking the player for their helping him in his last moments, and a {{DL|Valuable item|Comet Shard}}. However, if the player has a full team, they cannot take the Pokémon back until an open spot is made. Also, if the player has already defeated the Elite Four, they will need to do it again in order to receive the Comet Shard.
===Memory Girl===