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'''Genesect's home''' is an anime-exclusive location in the [[Pokémon world]]. It is the place where the [[Genesect Army]] lived three hundred million years ago.
In the ancient past, it was a verdant place with many mountains and a large lake, where many Oltus flowers bloomed. However, when the Genesect returned to the area after being resurrected by and escaping from [[Team Plasma]], they found it had changed dramatically, now a snowy wasteland devoid of life. The Red Genesect was swept up by an avalanche but the others were saved by [[Mewtwo (Best Wishes series)|Mewtwo]], who learned of their plight. Despite Mewtwo's conciliatory tone, though, it was attacked when the Red Genesect returned. After a brief conflict, the Genesect Army left and eventually arrived in [[New TalkTork City]], which they mistook for their home because the city's tall buildings resembled the mountains that once stood there.