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Alakazam (Pokémon)

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* In {{2v|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, Alakazam is the same height as {{ga|Ethan}}.
* Alakazam has the highest {{stat|Speed}} base stat of all non-legendary {{t|Psychic}} types.
* Alakazam is the only Pokemon whose [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolution]] does not have exactly a 100 higher [[Base stats|Base Stat Total]] than its original forme, having only a total increase of 90. This may be due to the fact that in the transition to {{2v|X|Y}}, regular Alakazam gained an increase of 10 to its {{Stat|Special Defense}}, which may not have been accounted for (though the same thing did not happen to {{p|Ampharos}}, which gained a 10 point increase to its {{Stat|Defense}} during the transition).