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* Maylene is the only Sinnoh Gym Leader in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} to not appear outside her Gym at least once in the game. She makes several appearances outside of her Gym in {{game|Platinum}}, however, when the player reaches {{rt|217|Sinnoh}}, at the Pokémon Center in [[Snowpoint City]] before beating Candice, and at the [[Battleground]].
** She also appears in Celadon City in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}.
* Maylene's Japanese name is shared with that of one of the [[Kimono Girl]]s of [[Ecruteak City]]. That Kimono Girl's name was changed to ''Komomo'' in {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, possibly not to conflict with Maylene's Japanese name, as Maylene herself appears in those games.
* With the release of Pokémon Platinum, the order of three Gym battles in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are now shifted: instead of being third, Maylene is now fourth in the line-up.
* She is also the only Gym Leader in Sinnoh to have more Pokémon of the opposite gender than of the same gender as her; in the Veilstone Gym, two out of her three Pokémon are male, while at the Battleground, three out of five are.