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Intro: Since we're naming it, we need to either precede the description with "the" or add a comma between the description and the name. I've opted for the former.
(Japanese: '''マサエ''' ''Masae'') is one of the [[characters of the day]] in ''[[SS014|Journey to the Starting Line]]''. She is an elderly woman who owns a store and is also a DJ of athe [[Pallet Town]] radio station WPOK. She is a gossiping lady that once angered the mayor of Pallet Town over the radio.
She told {{an|Professor Oak}} that the Pokémon Monthly magazine was out, but he was preoccupied because a {{p|Bulbasaur}}, {{p|Charmander}}, and {{p|Squirtle}} escaped from his laboratory. He asked her not to tell anyone, but after cackling maniacally, she announced over the radio that they were missing and that there was a reward offered for their return.