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Feraligatr ex Epic Collection Deck (TCG)

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[[Image:Feraligatr{{DeckInfobox ex Deck Front.jpg|right|thumb|Front of packaging]]
[[Image:title=Feraligatr ex Deck Back.jpg|right|thumb|Back of packaging]]
image=Feraligatr ex Epic Collection Deck.jpg |
caption=Package art |
release=May 9, 2007 |
types={{e|Water}}{{e|Psychic}} |
coin={{coin|Energy white}} |
The '''Feraligatr ex Deck''' is a pre-constructed {{TCG|Theme Deck}} from the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. It is one of the three {{TCG|Epic Collection}} theme decks. The theme deckand contains a standard 60-card deckcards, a coin, a rulebook, a playmat, and damage counters. The deck focuses on {{e|Water}} and {{e|Psychic}} type Pokémon and includes cards from several EX Series expansions, mostly {{TCG|EX Emerald}} and {{TCG|EX Unseen Forces}}.
It focuses on the {{e|Water}} and {{e|Psychic}} types. Most of its cards come from the {{TCG|EX Unseen Forces}} set.==Description==
Get ready to choose your own path to victory with the powerful Water and Psychic Feraligatr ex deck! Shut down your opponent's Poké-Powers & Poké-Bodies... go after your opponent's vulnerable Bench... and decide to go for a rapid-fire victory or dig in for a longer game!
== Card List ==
==Card list==
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG ID|EX Unseen Forces|Feraligatr ex|103}}|Water||Rare Holo ex}}
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG ID|EX Unseen Forces|Feraligatr|4}}|Water||Rare Holo}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG ID|EX Unseen Forces|Croconaw|38}}|Water||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|4|{{TCG ID|EX Unseen Forces|Totodile|78}}|Water||Common}}
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The Non Holofoil versions of Feraligatr and Slowbro are exclusive to this deck.
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