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[[File:RBGlitchNameF9.png]] is a [[glitch Pokémon]] found only in [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions]]. It is the sister counterpart of [[94]], sharing the same Pokédex number, sprite and starting moves as hybrids of one another.
It can only be encountered by the [[Johto guard glitch]] with {{p|Granbull}}.
It cannot be obtained via the [[Mew glitch#Ditto glitch|Ditto glitch]], as encountering a [[File:RBGlitchNameF9.png]] directly in the wild will causeinstead bring a [[glitchGlitch Trainer]] tothat appearcrashes insteadthe game. It also shares 94's sprite, starting moves, and TM/HM compatibilities, but learns no moves through level up. [[File:RBGlitchNameF9.png]]'s cry is reminiscent of a single-channel version of the move {{m|Earthquake}}.
[[File:RBGlitchNameF9.png]] occupies hex F9, and will turn into [[$ (glitch Pokémon)|$]] if traded to {{v2|Yellow}}.
Like [[94]], [[File:RBGlitchNameF9.png]]'s sprite also has a blackout [[glitch screen]].
==Game data==