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Gourgeist (Pokémon)

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Gourgeist is a bipedal, pumpkin Pokémon. Its body is a black pumpkin, with two short stubby feet. There is a face carved into this pumpkin, having triangular eyes and a half-circle mouth, completed with a spike protruding from the top of the shape. Above this pumpkin is the head, being tall, slender and and orange in color. At the top of the head is the face, which has yellow eyes, and a small mouth, with no nose present. The mouth has two sharp fangs, with an absence of other visible teeth. It is completed with the hair, which down the sides develops limbs, which are used to catch its prey. The hair contains bangs which usually cover one eye. The top of its hair contains a crescent shape, which is peach-colored on the outside, and black on the inside. They come in many sizes, the smallest being no more than 2'04" or 0.7m, while the largest are 5'07", or 1.7m.
==In the anime==