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Fan games are a different thing. Also removing non-NPOV statements and the incorrect statement ShinyGold being the first remake of Gold/Silver (it wasn't even the first ROM hack that was a GS remake)
'''ROM hacks''', or '''hack ROMs''', also known as '''fan games''', '''hack games''' or '''bootlegs''' depending on the circumstances, are video games that have been edited or altered. While many fans distribute hacks of Pokémon games for free over the internet, some people have been known to sell them in the guise of legitimate games. Some of these games are hacked onto the actual game cartridges and sold over the internet on sites such as {{wp|eBay}}.
Due to their nature, there are an uncountable number of hacks available on the Internet, so this article will limit itself to only the most notable ones. It should also be noted that all current {{pmin|Greater China|Chinese language}} Pokémon game cartridges are pirated as there have yet to be any official Chinese language Pokémon games.
[[File:Barksh.png|thumb|right|The player at his house, in [[New Bark Town]]]]
[[File:ShinyGold Title Screen.png|thumb|left|Title Screen of Pokémon ShinyGold]]
Pokémon ShinyGold is a total conversion of {{game3|FireRed and LeafGreen|Pokémon FireRed|s}} that turns the game into a {{2v2|Gold|Silver}} [[remake]], much like how FireRed is a remake of {{game3|Red and Blue|Pokémon Red|s}}. That makes ShinyGold the very first [[Generation II]] remake when counting with hack ROMs, due to the fact that it was first released before [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|HeartGold and SoulSilver]]. It is considered by many people to be among the best and one of the highest-quality hacked games. As well as illegally releasing the game to ROM communities as a patch, some pirates have copied the hack (as with many others) to Game Boy Advance cartridges to illegally sell the game and trick gamers who genuinely think that it is an official Pokémon game. In response to this, the game's creator, Zel, placed a note at the beginning of the game saying that the game should be returned if the player paid for it. The game features some changes to the storyline, like the fact that a new Trainer, named Carlos, is introduced, a Trainer with which the player keeps fighting during the gameplay. It has also introduced features that allow Pokémon that normally evolve via time-based events or trade to evolve by other methods that are more easily available to the player. For example, {{p|Scyther}} evolves into {{p|Scizor}} with a {{evostone|Moon Stone}} rather than by its normal method, trading while holding a {{DL|Type-enhancing item|Metal Coat}}. The game also features many events which were not available in the original game, as well as many [[Generation III]] Pokémon being found in some areas.
[[File:Carlos ShinyGold.png|thumb|center|A battle against Carlos]]