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Aegislash (Pokémon)

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*Blade Forme Aegislash is tied with {{p|Dialga}} for the highest Sp. Attack of all {{type|Steel}}s, and is tied with [[Mega Evolution|Mega]] {{p|Scizor}} for the highest Attack of all {{type|Steel}}s.
*Shield Forme Aegislash has the highest Defense and Sp. Defense stats of all Ghost-types and is tied with {{p|Registeel}} and {{p|Probopass}} for highest Sp. Defense of all Steel-types.
*Blade Forme Aegislash has the highest Sp. Attack stat of all non-legendary, non-mega Pokémon.
*No other Pokémon has the same [[List of Pokémon with unique type combinations|type combination]] as Aegislash and its {{p|Honedge|evolutionary}} {{p|Doublade|relatives}}.
*Aegislash, along with its {{p|Honedge|evolutionary}} {{p|Doublade|relatives}}, were designed by [[Hitoshi Ariga]].<ref>[ Pocket Monsters XY by HitoshiAriga on deviantART]</ref>