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(Japanese: '''リモーネ''' ''Limone'') is a recurring character in the {{pkmn|anime}}. He is the father of {{an|Clemont}} and {{an|Bonnie}}.
Limone first appeared in [[XY009]] riding a motorcycle with his {{p|Ampharos}} in [[Lumiose City]]. After surprising his two children, Clemont and Bonnie introduced him as their father and the manager of an electrical appliance store. Learning that his two kidschildren have new friends, he was moved and started crying. While Clemont introduced him to {{an|Serena}}, Limone praised his son for finding a pretty girl. Before leaving, he reminded Clemont that strictness is not enough for one to become a trainer and unintentionally revealed to {{Ash}} and Serena that Clemont is also the Lumiose [[Gym Leader]]. At the end of the episode, Clemont revealed to him that [[Citroid]] would temporarily serve as the Gym Leader, while he and Bonnie would travel with Ash and Serena to become stronger. Deeply moved, he hugged his two children and called for a party to celebrate, allowing them to continue on their journey.
This listing is of Limone's Pokémon in the [[Pokémon anime]].