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Lugia (Pokémon)

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* Before the introduction of {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}, Lugia was known as "Pokémon X." In the {{pkmn|anime}}, [[Dr. Namba]] also refers to Lugia as "Pokémon X."
* In {{2v2|Gold|Silver}}, Lugia, like {{p|Ho-Oh}}, has the same encounter music as normal [[wild Pokémon]]. The same was true for the [[legendary beasts]] before they received unique encounter music in {{v2|Crystal}}. However, Lugia and Ho-Oh got their own unique battle themes in {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}.
* Despite not being a {{t|Water|Water type}}, Lugia has occasionally been depicted as a {{ct|Water}} in the [[Lugia (TCG)|Trading Card Game]].
* Lugia is tied with Ho-Oh for the [[List of Pokémon by base stats|highest base]] {{stat|Special Defense}} of all {{t|Flying}} types.
** Lugia is tied with Ho-Oh, {{p|Rayquaza}}, and {{p|Yveltal}} for highest base stat total of all Flying types.