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Retro card (TCG)

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[[Image:CharizardStormfront103.jpg|thumb|right|A reprint of [[Charizard (Base Set 4)|the original Charizard card]]]]
A '''retro card''' is a term used to refer to special reprints of cards from the early years of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game|Pokémon TCG]] which have been included as {{TCG|secret card}}s in the {{TCG|Stormfront}}, {{TCG|Platinum}}, {{TCG|Rising Rivals}} and {{TCG|Supreme Victors}} expansions. They can also refer simply to a card that was printed early on and then reprinted much later.
Common among them is their origin in the earliest sets of the TCG: so far, all those which have been printed are from {{TCG|Base Set}} and {{TCG|Jungle}} or are {{TCG|Unnumbered Promotional cards|promotional cards}} from the first three years of the TCG's existence.