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[[File:Mirage System.png|220px|thumb|left|The expanded Mirage System]]
The Mirage System is capable of creating virtually any Pokémon assumingincluded data on those Pokémon hasin beenits acquireddatabase. These Pokémon are seenformidable tobattlers, haveable formidableto abilitieswithstand toand evade damage, thoughbut can be destroyed if struck with enough force they can be destroyed. They are able to know andcan use any move, even ones they would naturally be unable to learn. This is comparable to a Pokémon in the [[main series]] games which is [[cheating|hacked]], such as a {{p|Mewtwo}} with {{m|Quick Attack}}, a {{p|Beautifly}} with {{m|Aeroblast}}, or a {{p|Walrein}} with {{m|Meteor Mash}}. Pokémon that were created during the events inof ''The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon'' include {{p|MachokeKabutops}}, {{p|MachampOmastar}}, {{p|MagnemiteArmaldo}}, {{p|OmastarAggron}}, two {{p|KabutopsAerodactyl}}, two {{p|AerodactylMachoke}}, {{p|ArticunoMachamp}}, {{p|ZapdosUrsaring}}, Mewtwo, {{p|MewHoundoom}}, {{p|UrsaringMightyena}}, {{p|HoundoomAbsol}}, {{p|EnteiMagnemite}}, {{p|MightyenaArticuno}}, {{p|AggronZapdos}}, {{p|ArmaldoEntei}}, Mewtwo, and {{p|AbsolMew}}.
Although the main area that the Mirage Pokémon can travel is held inside Dr. Yung's laboratory, it can be expanded through the use of holographic generators that are launched from the laboratory in a fashion similar to that oflike missiles. This expanded Mirage System allows the Mirage Pokémon to travel outside the laboratory and battle in different environments. The extent of this expanded area is unlimited.
[[File:Mirage outside laboratory.png|thumb|220px|right|Mirage Pokémon outside Dr. Yung’s laboratory]]
When the Mirage Pokémon are not in use, they can be "stored" in the mirageMirage systemSystem until they are needed., Thismuch is similar tolike how real Pokémon are kept in Poké Balls. A trait that is unique to the Mirage Pokémon is the ability to use the data of other Mirage Pokémon to give them an edge in battle. This ability was used by the Mirage Mewtwo when it battled {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}. During the time that this ability was being used, it was revealed that any mirageMirage Pokémon whose data is being used are still fully conscious,; this became evident when the Mirage Mew acted out and stopped Mewtwo from attacking. However it should be noted that the only reason Mew was able to do so is because it had the free will that the other Mirage Pokémon lacked.
If a Mirage Pokémon suffers critical damage, it reverts into data represented by hexagons floating in the air that then return to the system through the hologram generators. If there is an overwhelming amount of data for the generators to absorb - seenabsorb—seen when the Mirage Mewtwo with the entire database written into it is destroyed - thedestroyed—the system overloads and explosively crashes.
The system is also seen to be capable of creating mirages of other things besides Pokémon, as Dr. Yung used it to create a mirage of his Mirage Master persona in order to misdirect suspicion from him being the Master's true identity.
* {{p|Mew}} was the only holographic Pokémon who had a heart and who wasn't able to be controlled.
* "Mirage Pokémon" also refers to [[legendary Pokémon]] and {{p|Mew}} in particular, althoughthough this is mainly a coincidence. In Japanese, the term used for legendary Pokémon is '''まぼろしの ポケモン''' ''illusory Pokémon'', using the Japanese word ''"maboroshi"''; meanwhile, Yung's mirages are '''ミラージュポケモン''' ''mirage Pokémon'', which uses the English word "mirage."
* Even though the Mirage Pokémon are often described as holograms, both they and their attacks are made of actual physical {{wp|matter}} rather than light.
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