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Kanata and Misaki

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{{merge[[File:Kanata Misaki art.png|thumb|200px|Kanata (right) and Misaki}} (left)]]
[[File(Japanese: '''カナタ''' ''Kanata'') and (Japanese: '''ミサキ''' ''Misaki'') art.pngare two minor characters in ''[[M15|thumb|200px|MisakiKyurem (left)VS. The Sword of Justice]]''. These two first appeared battling with each other in the [[Roshan City]] Pokémon Center. Although Kanata put up a good fight, Misaki ended up being declared the winner of the battle.
(Japanese: '''ミサキ''' ''Misaki'') is a minor character in ''[[M15|Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice]]''. She first appeared battling with {{un|Kanata}} in the [[Roshan City]] Pokémon Center. With her {{p|Liepard}}, Misaki managed to defeat Kanata.
|img=Kanata Herdier.png
|epname=Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice
|desc=Kanata used {{p|Herdier}} in a battle against Misaki's {{p|Liepard}}. Although it battled fiercely, it was eventually defeated.
Herdier's only known move is {{m|Wild Charge}}.}}
Liepard's only known move is {{m|Night Slash}}.}}
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