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Cast and crew
[[Max]]'s voice was first given to '''Sandra de Castro''', who dubbed the character in the 6th and 7th seasons. '''Raquel Ferreira''' replaced her from AG093 until AG177. An '''unknown''' VA performed the role in the 7th movie. Another '''unknown''' VA provided the voice in the last 15 AG episodes.
{{an|Dawn}}'s voice was first given to '''Raquel Ferreira''' in the 10th season. She was replaced by '''Joana Carvalho''' in the 11th season and provided the voice until theher end[[BW093|last ofappearance]], DP.including Sheall also gave the voice to the character in allDP movies she appeared in.
{{an|Iris}}' voice was given to '''Isabel Queirós'''.
{{an|Cilan}}'s role was givenperformed toby '''Pedro Manana'''.
The original [[Narrator]]'s voice was '''Rui de Sá''', in the first four seasons. '''Rui Quintas''' replaced him from the 5th to 10th seasons and also done the role in ''Pokémon Chronicles''. '''Paulo B''' was the VA exclusively in the 1st movie, '''Carlos Freixo''' only in the 2nd movie, '''José Jorge Duarte''' in the 3rd and 4th movies, and finally, an '''unknown''' one in the 7th movie. After the switch of the rights of the series in 2010 between SIC and Panda Biggs '''Mário Santos''' took the role, beginning from the 11th season and the 10th movie respectively.