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Appendix:Red and Blue walkthrough/Section 8

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Rock Tunnel
{{Trainerentry|Spr RG Hiker.png|Hiker||700|3|095|Onix||20|None|095|Onix||20|None|074|Geodude||20|None}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr RG Hiker.png|Hiker||735|2|074|Geodude||2521|None|075|Graveler||2521|None}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr RG Jr Trainer F.png|Jr. Trainer♀||440|2|069|Bellsprout||22|None|035|Clefairy||22|None}}
== Route 10 (south) ==
If you defeated every Trainer in the tunnel, you earned about {{PDollar}}11,000! There are a few more Trainers on the south side of {{rt|10|Kanto}}, but you can take the eastern path to avoid them.