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Freeze-Dry (move)

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Type effectiveness: Is this really necessary? I mean it already says that the only difference between usual ice-type moves is the fact it's super effective against water-type moves. That's all we need to know.
If this move is changed by Electrify or it is used in an Inverse Battle (where Water is always weak to Ice), the move's type does not stack with its effect; a Water-type Pokémon hit by the move will still only receive ×2 damage.
===Type effectiveness===
{| style="text-align:center; {{roundy|10px}} border: 3px solid #{{Ice color dark}}; background:#{{Ice color}}; margin-right: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px;"
! colspan="2" style="{{roundytl|5px}}{{roundytr|5px}} background:#{{Ice color dark}}; color:#FFF;" | Freeze-Dry
! style="background:#{{Ice color dark}}; color:#FFF;" | Damage
! style="background:#{{Ice color dark}}; color:#FFF;" | Types
! style="background:#F00; color:#FFF;" | 2×
| style="background:#{{Ice color light}};" | {{bigic|Water}} {{bigic|Grass}} {{bigic|Ground}} {{bigic|Flying}} {{bigic|Dragon}}
! style="background:#{{Ice color light}}; color:#{{Ice color dark}}" | 1×
| style="background:#{{Ice color light}};" | {{bigic|Normal}} {{bigic|Electric}} {{bigic|Fighting}} {{bigic|Poison}} {{bigic|Psychic}} {{bigic|Bug}} {{bigic|Rock}} {{bigic|Ghost}} {{bigic|Dark}} {{bigic|Fairy}}
! style="{{roundybl|5px}} background:#080; color:#FFF;" | ½×
| style="{{roundybr|5px}} background:#{{Ice color light}};" | {{bigic|Fire}} {{bigic|Ice}} {{bigic|Steel}}
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