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Tohjo Falls

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===Name origin===
The name ''Tohjo'' is both an anagram of ''Johto'' and the two syllables of "Johto" reversed. In Japanese, particularly,but theit namecan seems toalso refer to the location of the falls as a boundary between the two regions: at the end of Kan'''to''' and the beginning of '''Joh'''to. Its JapaneseKorean name mayis alsoa comeportmanteau fromof 登場관동 ''tōjōGwan'''dong''''' (Kanto) and 성도 '''''Seong'''do'' (Johto), "entrance"while its Chinese name is both an inversion of 城都 ''Chéngdū'' (Johto) and a portmanteau of 關都 ''Guān'''dū''''' (Kanto) and 城都 '''''Chéng'''dū''.
==In other languages==
{{incomplete|section|Check Chinese name translation}}
{{Langtable|color={{kanto color}}|bordercolor={{kanto color dark}}
|zh_cmn={{tt|都城瀑布 ''{{tt|Dūchéng Pùbù|Dūchéng Falls}} ''Capital{{tt|*|Adventures (Ching Win version and old Jilin version)}}<br>道场瀑布 Falls''{{tt|Dàochǎng Pùbù|Dojo Falls}}{{tt|*|Adventures (New Jilin version)}}
|fr_eu=Chutes Tohjo
|it=Cascate Tohjo
|ko={{tt|동성폭포|Dongseong Pogpo}} ''{{tt|Dongseong Pokpo|TohjoDongseong Falls}} Falls''
|es_eu=Cataratas Tohjo}}