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*{{u|Mr-ex777}} - I'm more interested in side games than the main series.PMD, Rumble
*{{u|HungryMunchlax}} - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series (but the Wiiware version)
*{{U|Dark Rust}} - Super PokémonePokemon Rumble (also know as Pokémon Rumble Blast).
*{{u|Taposa}} - Have many Side games from Gen IV that I still usruse like Trozei or PMD (or Dash.)
*{{u|Mumzy}} - Mystery Dungeon writer!
*{{u|Mikk317}} - Currently addicted to Explorers of Sky, so I'll probably be writing in those articles. SSBB Articles too.
*{{u|Decerta}} - I have Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, HG , SSBB , Platinum , and Black.
* {{u|Vuvuzela2010}} - I have access to images for the [[Pokémon mini]] games, and I will try to obtain more images of the [[a:Art from Pokémon Channel|Pokémon Channel artwork]].
*{{u|Xatuish}} - I plan on doing the mystery dungeon games more than anything, mainleymainly due to the fact that I can't find decent enough info on the pokemon, items, and whatnot anywhere else.
*{{u|Gengarzilla}} - Just another PMD nut...
* {{u|G50}} - I know the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger games very well, and will help where needed.
* {{u|PowerfulKyurem}} - I know alota lot about Pokemon Ranger series and Pokemon Rumble series, as well as a little amount of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon info as well.
* {{u|AcursedGamer}} I know alota lot about Pokémon through my time, I've been playing it for 8 years, i know most about it's games, and such, So i want to help out.
* {{u|Oshawott667}} - I have all the Pokemon Ranger games, and PMD Blue Rescue Team and Explorers of Time.
* {{u|eeveewithwings123}} I have Pokémon Conquest, and will help.
*{{u|Flare047872}} - I would love to help out,ImI'm trying to learn more about the sidegames...
*{{u|The4Ryan9}} - I will help however I can, I have played and beaten most of the English side games.
*{{u|Doggy567123}} - will help because sidegames got me to this site!
*{{u|Xolotl}} - I know a lot about Red and Blue Rescue Team.
*{{u|Spyspotter}} - Rumble, Ranger, Poképark, Mystery Dungeon, and Trozei.
*{{u|Axlwhitewarrior}} - I will help with everything I can with CollesiumColosseum and XD Gale of Darkness as well for mystery dungeon games.
*{{u|Mighark}} - I will help with quotes and other info about Pokémon Conquest
*{{u|Ngyuilong}} - I will help with maps and other info for ranger 2 and 3
*{{u|PMD2fan}} - Pokemon ranger 2, PMD1&2, etc.
*{{u|AwesomeGrovyle}} - I can help with about all sidegames, but Colosseum, XD, Trozei, Dash, and the Poképark.