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Tohjo Falls

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|generation={{Gen|II}}, {{Gen|IV}}
The '''Tohjo Falls''' (Japanese: '''トージョウのたき''' ''Tōjō Falls'') are two waterfalls{{wp|waterfall}}s separating the [[Johto]] and [[Kanto]] [[region]]s. It is known as ''The Link Between Kanto and Johto''. Located in southwest Kanto, it is the final test for {{pkmn|Trainer}}s who have acquired all eight {{badge|Johto League}}s and wish to put their skills to the test against the [[Elite Four]] on [[Indigo Plateau]] to the north. The {{player}} will need his/her {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} to use the [[move]]s {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Waterfall}} to get through it. Because Trainers must obtain all the eight Johto League Badges to be granted access to the [[Pokémon League]], the falls effectively hinder any progress on {{rt|27|Kanto}} until after the Trainer has {{HM|07|Waterfall}} and has obtained the {{badge|Rising}} from [[Clair]] at [[Blackthorn Gym]].
In {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, there is a [[cave]] hidden beneath the {{m|waterfall}} where the player {{pkmn|battle}}s [[Giovanni]] through a {{pkmn2|event|Nintendo event}}. If the player simply enters the cave during regular gameplay, s/he will find an empty cave with a broken radio. Outside the event, this cave is otherwise useful for collecting [[item]]s found via {{m|Rock Smash}} without any concern of a [[wild Pokémon]] encounter.
The {{pkmn|battle}} music has suffered changes between the original games and their remakes. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, after beating the [[Elite Four]] for the first time and boarding the [[S.S. Aqua]], the battle music in the Tohjo Falls (as well as {{ka|Victory Road}}, {{rt|26|Kanto|Routes 26}}, {{rtn|27|Kanto}}, and {{rtn|28|Kanto}}) changes from the [[Johto]] versionstyle to the [[Kanto]] versionstyle. This change was not present in the original {{game|Gold and Silver|s}} nor in {{game|Crystal}}.
==In the core series games==
[[Giovanni]] hides out in the Tohjo Falls, at least part of the time, during the three-year interim between {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}} and {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, and hears [[Team Rocket]]'s pleas to him from the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]] when they take over. He can be {{pkmn|battle}}d through a {{pkmn2|event|Nintendo event}}, in which a {{p|Celebi}} takes the {{player}} back in time. The battle takes place at the same time that Team Rocket disbands again at the Goldenrod Radio Tower.
==In the anime==
Although it is never visited directly, the {{ho|Battle Tower}} is referred to as being close to the Tohjo Falls.
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
In ''[[PS150|Chinchou in Charge]]'', {{DL|Misty|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Misty}}, {{DL|Brock|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Brock}} and {{DL|Erika|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Erika}} passed through the fallsTohjo Falls on their way to [[Johto]]. While crossing a rope bridge, Misty fell into a {{mwp|waterfall}} and saved a {{p|Krabby}} that was in trouble. After this, in ''[[PS151|Lovely Lanturn]]'', {{p|Suicune}} came and challenged her. Suicune decided to go with her, and she, Brock and Erika continued their journey.
The Tohjo Falls seemsseem to be similar to the real-life {{wp|Niagara Falls}}, withas both havinghave two {{wp|waterfall}}s and serving as a well-known boundary between two places.
===Name origin===
The name is both an anagram of ''Johto'' and the two syllables of ''"Johto''" reversed. In Japanese, particularly, the name seems to refer to the location of the falls' locationas ina boundary between the two regions: at the end of Kan'''to''' and the beginning of '''Joh'''to. Its Japanese name may also come from 登場 ''tōjō'', "entrance".
==In other languages==