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Shiny stories: NEW SHINY
==Shiny stories==
All {{pkmn2|wild}} [[Shiny Pokémon]] I haveencountered everprior encounteredto Gen VI (obviously discounting [[red Gyarados]]) have been in the [[Safari Zone]] (since there's no Safari Zone in Gen VI). Not only that, but the only Safari Zone that I haven't encountered a Shiny in is the [[Great Marsh]], which isn'tis eventhe aonly one not realnamed "Safari Zone".
* [[Kanto Safari Zone]] — {{p|Paras}} (caught) and {{p|Exeggcute}} (failed)
* [[Johto Safari Zone]] — {{p|Cubone}} (failed)
* [[Hoenn Safari Zone]] — {{p|Stantler}} (caught)
* [[Friend Safari]] — {{p|Ditto}} (caught)
Also, I encountered that Exeggcute with '''1 [[Safari Ball]] left'''. I threw it, but it escaped and I was kicked out.<br>Also, I have a Shiny Gyarados clone from my friend who caught it as a {{p|Magikarp}} in Sapphire. That is why I was hoping that the guaranteed red Gyarados would have some kind of difference to other Shiny ones, but it didn't.