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== About Me ==
Hi, I'm Callum. I've been a member of Bulbapedia since December 3, 2008. Even though I've been on the wiki for over 3 years, I still have under 500 mainspace contributions, mainly because I focus on [http://simpsonswiki.netcom/wiki/Main_Page Wikisimpsons], of which I am the head admin of. I'm also a staff member of [ ShoutWiki].
If you see me editing, it is most likely just correcting spelling or grammar mistakes, removing not notable trivia, reverting vandalism or poor quality edits that don't help the wiki or just making other minor edits. If you disagree with anything I've done, bring it up on my talk page. If you want to thank me for something I've done, also feel free to bring that up on my talk page. :P