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Swords of Justice (M15)

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Later, Keldeo returned with its new friend, {{Ash}}, and challenged Kyurem to another battle. As Keldeo battled Kyurem again, Ash tried to free Terrakion and the others from the ice. Eventually, the attacks from his Pokémon freed Terrakion, Virizion, and Cobalion from the ice. They thanked Ash and {{ashfr}}, but told them that Keldeo had to battle Kyurem alone.
After Keldeo losedlost the battle but was spared by Kyurem, Terrakion took {{an|Cilan}} out of the collapsing mine to safety. Afterwards, Terrakion and the others inducted Keldeo as a member of their group by reciting the Swords of Justice' oath.
===Personality and characteristics===