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Pokémon League (Kalos)

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===Dragonmark Chamber===
In the Dragonmark Chamber, the room is first filled with blue mist, which clears as soon as the player enters the Chamber. Three giant structures shaped like a dragon's wings spread wide open, and a cover shaped like a dragon's head lifts up, revealing the Elite Four member. Two pipes on each side the player then start emitting some sort of insencesincense into the air. The Elite Four member, Drasna, is standing in front of her throne, gladly greeting the player as they approach her.
===Flood Chamber===
In the Flood Chamber, two chains connected to hollow, screw-shaped pillars reside on each side of the platform. Once entering the chamber, the chains get pulled down, while the both pillars spin upwards, quickly coming to a halt. The pillars then spout out large masses of water, which also starts pouring down from the roof line, flooding the entire Chamber. The Elite Four member, Siebold, isinitially initally turninghas his back to the player, but will soon turn around, asking the player if they would ever conciderconsider Pokémon battling as a work of art. Once the answer is given, the battle quickly begins.