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At the same time, [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} arrive at a [[Team Rocket]] building. {{an|Giovanni|Their boss}} is angry at them for the incident at the [[Viridian Gym]], but they hastily apologize and get away. As they sit in their balloon thinking of a way to get rare Pokémon, a flyer for the Pokémon Circus flies by. They pick it up and start to think of a plan.
Ash ends up having to dress up as Mr. Mime. Since Ash doesn't know how to perform any of Mr. Mime's tricks, Stella puts Ash into training before the show. Ash comes to find that her training is very harsh, and empathizes with the Stella's Mr. Mime. Eventually, the circus show begins and Ash, in the Mr. Mime costume, comes out and performs, which everyone falls for. Suddenly, the lights go off and {{TRT}} comes in to steal the show. After performing their [[motto]], they capture Ash and leave, thinking that he is a Mr. Mime. As Team Rocket sits and talks about how they are going to present "Mr. Mime" to the boss, Ash unties himself and reveals that it was him in a costume all along. While Team Rocket fumes about Ash always spoiling their plans, he then escapes and steals [[Team Rocket's mechas|Team Rocket's Meowth balloon]]. Needless to say, Team Rocket is upset and start to plan on getting the real Mr. Mime as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, Ash’s mom, {{Delia}}, brings Brock and {{an|Misty}} to her house for lunch. Just as they are leaving, the Mr. Mime from the beginning comes knocking on the window. Ash’s mom thinks it’s Ash, and brings him in for a snack. The real Ash then arrives in the Meowth balloon he stole from Team Rocket and comes home. His mom realizes that it was a real Mr. Mime, and then Ash asks Mr. Mime to help him. Ash’s mom asks Mr. Mime to help Ash, offering him a big dessert if it helps, and it agrees.